A selection of restored antares saddles for sale

You are undoubtedly a real passionate horse riding and you want at all costs to equip you with the best possible saddle to bloom in your passion? So go for the antares saddles!

Saddles of all brands at Equitack

See you at Equitack to be surprised by the plurality of riding saddles to choose according to your desires and your level. Direct link between your mount and you, they allow you to progress quickly in your practice, and without hurting you. Also find the saddle cheap for apprentice riders. Wider, it is ideal to learn to ride. Complete your saddle purchase with shock absorbers also offered at Equitack to ensure your ease.

Indeed, you will find in the category offered by Equitack, a large selection of new or used saddles from major brands of riding (cwd, antares, butet, hermes, you are looking for a saddle for your horse? on equirodi you will find a large choice of new and used saddles. Discover the selection of saddle products equitation mixed at the best price on Equitack and enjoy saddle for horse all leather with etriers.

The choice of your saddle according to your needs

To each discipline his saddle. Although some saddles are more versatile than others it is important to define which saddle meets your expectations. For example a versatile classic riding rider, will choose a mixed saddle, which will suit all disciplines. On the other hand, a rider practicing only dressage will choose a saddle of dressage. Each saddle has characteristics specific to its discipline. A saddle of training offers a better descent of leg than a saddle of obstacle. But, it is very impractical to balance in a saddle of dressage. At Equitack, you will find the saddle that suits you according to your type of need.

Then, at Equitack, find used saddles of all brands, adapted to your needs. Each saddle will correspond to a discipline.

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