Pony vs horse : what is the best ?

It is well known that a rivalry between the "pony" team and the "horse" team has always taken place since the beginning of time. While some favor small equines others prefer larger ones with each their own arguments. But which one is the best?

The ponies

They forgive everything. They are very often fat and their heart is as much. Yes, ponies are positive beings who always forgive all the errors of their riders during their learning phase and not that.

They are much more sweet. Small and big, just small or big but also cabbage with their big hair and their mane provided, the ponies are also a summary of all that we can love physically, as they can be cabbage and beautiful at a time. They are passing everywhere. Big or small, the ponies are still "small" if we compare them to horses. Thus, they can sneak around, whether in the field or between two obstacles on a course.

The horses

They offer greater prospects of evolution. To compete on larger events and higher levels, a horseback ride is often required to keep moving forward as the physical characteristics of the ponies do not allow them to match the horses to a certain level. If they are not cute, they are engravings. A horse is rarely cabbage, certainly. However, a horse can be considered an engraving, a work of art.

They are suitable for most people to our size. If small people can ride ponies for life, larger people can not. The opposite is however possible since a horse can be mounted by any type of person, as long as it knows how to hold on an equine without great difficulty.

Now that you have made the distinction between the two animals, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best because both are specific of their kind.